Installation of industrial floors in Ukraine
Installation of polymer floors in Ukraine
Repair of industrial floors in Ukraine
Polished concrete floors in Ukraine
Flooring installation in Ukraine
Installation of paving slabs in Ukraine
Repair of concrete roads in Ukraine
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FLOORTOP - is a profile, expert, technological, service company.

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Installation, repair, protection and maintenance of industrial, domestic and commercial floors.
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Installation, repair, maintenance of industrial, commercial and domestic floors.


A unique Internet platform for innovative, specialized construction technologies that can be used not only by qualified contractors, but also by the private sector.


Service from the provision of consulting services.

Real projects
Tools and consumables
Tools and consumables
Floor waterproofing
Floor waterproofing
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Overview of world technologies
Decorative polymer flooring
Finishing, wear-resistant, colored, polymer floor coating, based on epoxy. Floors for food production. Thin-layer system for ceramic tiles and mineral substrates. Epoxy floor repairs.
Quick concrete road repair
Efficient cement based system for concrete road repair. Warehouse concrete floor repair. Application up to -10 degrees. Concrete repair in winter. Concrete repair on the street. Repair of a concrete platform. Industrial concrete floor repair
Fast concrete floor repairs
Efficient, self-leveling, cement-based system for quick repairs to concrete floors. Industrial concrete floor repair. Warehouse concrete floor repair. Fast commissioning, in 2-3 days. Alignment of the base for linoleum, parquet, laminate, tiles.